Nest is a silent short-film about a couple (played by Meis Vranken & Dick Huppes) who decide to leave society and live within the city as two monkeys. A tree where all their belongings hang is their home. The film follows them as they try to live wildly within a linear, urban environment. Eventually, one of the monkeys is unable cope with this lifestyle, and leaves the other one behind, waiting for him outside of a supermarket.

Nest was shot on a Bolex H-16 camera using two 30m rolls of reversal film, using a technique called “in-camera editing”. This means the film roll is projected exactly as it was shot, with no post-production editing, and no second takes.

Currently, Nest only exists in its original 16mm film state, a digital copy will be made soon.

Co-written and directed by Emile Weisz, Cinematography: Ignas van Rijckevorsel