Sculptures made from layered plaster surround a 16mm film projector.
The film travels through the space, looping infinitely between one of the sculptures and the projector. Across from the projector stands a screen where the projected image is held. Here, a rock formation is shown in two states: rough, monochrome 16mm footage and smooth, coloured 3D rendering. The rock transitions glitchily between these two states as the film continues to loop.

This work is created from a series of translations between physical and digital matter. The footage is all taken from a rock structure close to my childhood home in Devon, England called “Great Links Tor”. I was inspired by this ancient rock structure and the idea of giving it a new existence in this artwork greatly excited me. Using a drone, I 3D scanned Great Links Tor in order to make the rendered imagery, and shot the analog footage of the rock on a Canon Scoopic 16mm camera. The footage was then scanned in to become digital footage, and edited together with the render. The culmination of the two footages was then printed back on to 16mm film. By blurring the boundaries between digitally created content and physical matter, the seemingly untouchable digital world we surround ourselves with, reveals itself to be far more tactile than we think.

Projection components:
16mm film print from 2K digital video file, 16mm Eiki modified looping projector, Studio 2M 16mm film looper, projection stand, mp3 player + mono track audio loop, power cables, steel projection screen with matt white coating paint, 5x 16mm looper reels, screw thread / bolts, MDF base plate, bent copper thread looper holders

Projection Dimensions:
Projector + looper + stand: 170 x 80 x 60 cm
Projection screen: 195 x 132 x 55 cm (screen size: 132 x 100 cm, screen height: 95cm)
Projection distance: 250cm
Film loop duration: 04:23

Sculpture materials:
MDF base plates, wire mesh frame, layered plaster, pigment, printer ink.

Sculpture Dimensions:
1: 104 x 64 x 39 cm
2: 120 x 68 x 55 cm
3: 58 x 160 x 50 cm

Graduation Work,