Visual artist based in Amsterdam, NL, working with film and sculptural installation.
Alumni 2020 – Gerrit Rietveld Academy, VAV – Department of Moving Image.

My interest lies in the translation of matter between digital and physical states. I work with various film based and 3D visualisation techniques to create videos and sculptural installations. My curiousity lies in how digital programs make sense of physical shapes, and how programs can act in organic ways themselves. I draw inspiration from lanscapes and natural artefacts which I encounter. Growing up by the south west English coast, in Plymouth, UK, elements from this locality often find their way in my projects. In previous works I’ve 3D scanned large rock formations, cliff faces and even moving sea water to observe how a program creates its own interpretation of these natural artefacts. I often create shapes and forms by hand shaping clay, then 3D scanning the clay to further develop the forms using computer based methods. This gives a more playful approach to 3D modelling where my hand as a maker leaves a visible mark on the digital structure. I like to allow the computer and its software to have a say in the results of my artworks, with the belief that when software is used a bit more loosely than it was intended, it can give us a glimpse of the natural principles that it has been built upon.

In examining both ends of the threads that are tied between the digital and physical world, I try to make clear that these two worlds are not as separate as we often expect.

Contact: ignasvanrijckevorsel(at)gmail.com

Please email for full CV or portfolio.

Vimeo: vimeo.com/ignasvanrij
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ignasvanrij/

photo by Dom Moore